Serving those in the business of service

For hospitality companies, service delivery is a crucial differentiator. In a difficult economy, with companies like Airbnb nipping at their heels, they must cultivate the kind of customer experience that makes people want to return again and again.

What does that have to do with your back office functions?

A lot more than you might initially believe.

When your back office is working well, the rest of your organization benefits both on a corporate and property level.

Consolidation on the back end means that shared services takes on tasks so the front end doesn’t have to, creating more opportunity for the front end to deliver differentiating service

Improved technology infrastructure allows superior enterprise-wide visibility, increases predictability and reduces waste

Company-centric rather than property-centric thinking enhances career development opportunities

Effective communication and change management initiatives mean employees at all levels understand that serving the service industry is the primary objective of shared services

Each of these topics will be addressed in detail at our Shared Services Outsourcing for Hospitality and Service, taking place August 10-12, 2015 in Las Vegas. Through our innovative module format that promotes both story telling and peer-to-peer discussion, you will have the opportunity to address each of the topics above through both presentations and conversation-style “deep dives.” Whether you are currently operating within a shared service delivery model or thinking about moving your consolidated corporate-level functions to shared services, our event offers a unique opportunity to learn from and benchmark against your industry peers.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas!

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