August 10 - 12, 2015
Westin Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Shared Services: The tool to get your house in order

It's no secret that consumers hold the controls in the hospitality and service industry today. All options are at their fingertips. This infographic shows how hospitality companies need to meet consumers at their level, to rethink operating models and expand investment in a shared services structure ...

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Shared Services' Role in Data & Analytics

MGM Resorts International's Rick Arpin provides an overview of what the market is saying, defines analytics and where shared services can play a role, provides guidance on getting the house in order and forecasts for the future in this past presentation. 

Capture New Areas of Growth Across Your Organization

As hospitality organizations aim to streamline non-value added back-office processes, fully evolving the shared service center is a must to create efficiencies, cut costs and define standardizations that are vital for scalable growth. In this session, Evention will map out how shared services has evolved over the years and share...

Change Management in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

Dinyar Mistry of 42 STATS Servalytics, shares the key to successful change management. A Change Management professional can be the difference between successful and failure. If both internal and external resistance develops, change may be prevented or difficulty and cost may far exceed the benefits the change would provide. Download...

From Denial to Exploration: Gaining Employee Commitment to a New Vision

In order to enact change, leaders must engage and enable the entire organization, which can only be done with frequent and timely communication. Further, messages must be clear, credible and heartfelt about the direction of the change. Read on to learn more insight from Vinh Lien, Director of Finance &...

Finance Leads Talent Development at MGM Resorts

Barbara Hodge of SSON interviewed MGM's Karen Durkin to find out how MGM is redefining Finance to take a more strategic leadership role within the enterprise, and to build one unified Finance community. Also in this piece, read Karen's 4 tips to getting the most out of your finance team...

How Shared Services Adds Value to Marriott

In this in-depth article, Michael Cullen, SVP, Shared Services for Marriott Business Services explains how shared services continue to add value for Marriott International. Michael will lead a session on "Realizing the Full Potential of Transformation" at the Shared Services & Outsourcing for Hospitality and Leisure Summit, August 11-13 in...

Structuring and Delivering Global Shared Services

Robert Dunigan, SVP of Shared Services, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, presented this in-depth look at shared services on a global level including best practices for each function and ways to measure success.

Shared Services to Support Quick Service Restaurants

Ed Martinez, who was VP of Shared Services at Wendy's at the time of this presentation, discussed implementing a new shared services center amidst an environment of change and M&A.

Redefining MGM's Shared Services

At the Shared Services for Hospitality & Leisure Summit, Rick Arpin, SVP & Corporate Controller, will lead a Site Tour of MGM Resorts' International Corporate Support Center. In anticipation of the event, Rick was kind enough to share his insights with you in a Q&A in which he discusses redefininig...

Shared Services: Moving up the Value Chain

Max Fisher, VP of Financial Operations with Caesars Entertainment, shared this presentation about moving up the value chain.